This video is very important for me, I would like to share it with you, first because I’m very proud of this moment in my life and more important I want to tell you what changes I made to pass from doing $5k-$10k a month with ups and downs of course like in any business to make $1M in 2 years:

To situate this in time, it was in 2012

This lesson can save you years and a lot of frustrations and can shortcut a LOT your journey to live the life you want.

To get the results I had before the changes, I already for long time:

1- I set a vision for my life that was unnegotiable: BE FREE, LIVE THE LIFE IN MY OWN TERMS

2- Work every day to make a little bit more to improve myself, my skills and the system that help me to achieve my goals

3- Do whatever it takes (with ethic) as long it will take

4- Continually look in the marketplace who is doing better, faster to evolve continually learning from other’s people experiences

What really makes me to go from $5k-$10k a month to $1M in the next 2 years?

It was not my work ethic

It was not my focus

It was not my way of doing things

It was not working harder

It was not my passion to my vision

That I already have and its was what makes me get the results have at that time

What really makes me skyrocket my results and my team results was:

Changing the vehicle!

What you mean by that?

Before I use Network Marketing with the Help of the Internet and my own system to help my team duplicate

Then I change to Affiliate Marketing with High Ticket offers and a structure payment that you get leverage from building a team.

This works like magic, suddenly I start making a LOT of money without even understand why it’s working so well and most important my Team is making a LOT of money too.

With that came the $30k months in no time

Another important thing was the mentors, they were like me, they pass the same as me BUT they find a better way and I just follow their lead.

For all eternity I’m grateful for servant heart leaders and mentors that help me to pass to another level on my life: David Sharp and David Wood, my sponsor at the time Aaron Raskin

So, in resume this was the 2 keys factors:

1 – working hard and be seated in a donkey, sometimes you just need to change to a Ferrari and things change dramatically (change vehicle).

2- Get mentors

What I learn promoting that offer makes me search and duplicate that, and when you do it again and again every time you do it, you make it faster, better and greater

So, I start to have $100k+ months, I even had $66k and $55k days and once again my team experience the same or some of them even better results.

In this moment in my career what I’m looking is to have $100k+ months consistently and never get bellow that, once again accomplishing that, my Team (MSI members) will experience this grow too and some of them will make it better than me as always.

Another thing that I’m looking is to improve my system to not be so dependent so much if an offer gets less traction (or even disappear) in the market and not having BIG ups and then BIG downs and must repeat the process again finding the next offer to promote.

How will I do that?


Stay tuned I will talk more about it in coming weeks

PS: I’m really Excited about this; I was too comfortable in my life and I decide to challenge myself to go to another level and take a LOT of people with me like always.

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