Without Making Ads, Social Media or creating Content.

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These masterclass, I will teach you, out to generate, our already made more than 25 qualified leads. But when I prepare everything, it was this amount, with, a few clicks. Okay. With a five minute task, I will show it to you. It’s really, really, really simple. how I do it and anyone can do it. So without making any ads without social media, without creating content, without any internet presence, without you being a guru and things like that, and what I’m about to teach you, anyone can do it as I told you even today, if you apply it, even if you are a complete newbie and you don’t know nothing about, internet marketing.

Okay. So my name is Sue Fortunato. I’m calling you from Portugal, Portuguese, as you can see my accent, it’s not that pure accent, English British or American or something like that, but I’m sure that we can understand each other and I can really, really help you. Okay. I have 20 years of experience in the.

In the internet marketing. So I’m not the Navy. And my expertise is to build systems, to help affiliate, to turn around, to be super affiliates and promoting, the best, offers in the marketplace that converts better, that they have the best potential. And I build systems for the last 20 years to help everyone.

Okay. So let’s go, go straight to the. To, to the subject. And, well, first of all, a lot of people already, listen to this, but, it’s really, really, really important that, you have the notion that the money is. In the list and the relationship that you have with your list, sometimes people generate leads and they generate a lot of leads.

They put it in their autoresponder, but then they don’t communicate well. They don’t create a relationship with, with their leads and, things are not working. Okay. So you need to do both build your list and make a relationship with your list. it seems very complicated to do this, but I will prove to you that anyone can do it.

And the relationship with your list are much easier, much simpler as you, as you can imagine. Okay. If you are newbie. Okay. So every you list, you are only one offer away from changing your financial life. Russell Bronson is one of the persons that, I’m I follow a lot and. He says that you can be a funnel away from changing your life.

Okay. I have a system I will tell about my system. You have all the funnels, everything created for you. So you just. Just R one offer away. And when you are affiliate market and you promote offers, not all the offers that you think that you studied and did that you think that will convert and that the marketplace will be excited with.

it will not happen to all the offers that you promote. but, if you, once a year or something like that, if you really get one offer that converts really well, that are simple, that are really powerful in the marketplace that they have all the strong, this can change your life forever if you have at least.

So, first of all, what you have to learn is to build the list and I will explain you how you can do it. We in a very, very, very easy way. Okay. So let’s go. So, when, you doing, The advertisement should be making your list grow with as many qualified leads as possible. Not trying to sell immediately.

There is a lot of people, the newbies, make this mistake. They set up everything. They start generate leads. They generate 1000 or 200, 1000 doesn’t matter, or mainly it’s the generate. And they expect as soon as they make the, the, the have or something to generate the leads that immediately they start making sales.

And if they don’t get the sale, Well, this traffic source is not good, or the offer is not good. well, and a lot of people spend their money on, on January, the first leads and they just give up because they don’t get sales. And in fact, 99% of the times when you generate leads, the leads don’t buy. immediately, they don’t know you from anywhere.

it’s really cold traffic. And if you generate leads, like I will tell you, of course, if they will came from your, from your networks, if you’re coming from the social media, they already know you, they already trust you. I’m talking about really cold traffic that nobody knows you. Okay. So usually these traffic don’t convert.

Immediately only if the offer is so, so, so, so, so good that, you can have a few, a few sales. So keep this in mind. Your main focus is to build your list to grow as. As you can, with as many leads you can, and as many qualifies, as much qualified as possible, this leads so focus on building your list and then later you will do the follow-up for this list.

You will communicate as we’ll tell you. And the results will, will bring okay. If you communicate. well and consistently, and if the offers are good, it’s impossible that you won’t get results. So first really, really, really important idea is that when you spend money on traffic, your focus is not selling.

Of course you want sales, of course, but your main focus is to build your list and communicate your video list and choosing the best offers to solve problems. They at least have. Okay. So this is really, really important because a lot, a lot of people, I see a lot of newbies that commits this, this mistake, and that’s one of the reasons that people start to do these affiliate stuff.

And then they just give up because of this. So when you build your list is really, really, really important that you have your funnels, everything set up. And if you don’t know how to set up your funnel, don’t worry. I have good news for you. you, you don’t need to do this because I have everything done for you inside of my system, but you need to understand the followers of your, okay, so you need a funnel, a funnel that you drive traffic to a squeeze page.

lead capture page that the main, the main goal of this page is to collect emails, collect names and emails from, from the traffic source that you have and to generate the traffic. Okay. So this squeeze page seen automatically deletes to your outer responder. Your outer respond is like. That this software stars, all the contacts and, and.

Then you send emails to this list. there are two types of two ways of sending these emails. You can create a campaign and you insert automatically a certain amount of emails that you say immediately when the person resisted in my lead capture page immediately. I want that he sees this email and then in the other, the next day, this one, the next day, this one and so on and so on.

So in the autoresponders we call it follow-ups or campaigns, in, in a Weaver that we use, we call it campaigns and then we can send broadcasts that anytime we want. We just create an email and you send this email to the list. Okay. So there’s two ways of sending the emails. And usually what we do is in these emails, we give them currently.

And some of them we sell so 80% of content, 20% of sell. Okay. So, this is really important to have this funnel and, in the, in the sales, what we will do, we sell our offers okay. To solve problems. That’s our list. As there’s a lot of autoresponders in the marketplace, they are really easy to, to, to use.

In our system, we use our a, wherever that it’s one of the best ones in the marketplace. So as I told you, the sales are made on the follow-up. Okay. Not in the traffic generation. Of course you need to do the traffic generation. We have to do, you have to have the leads and then you have to follow up. But then.

Talk about you about, out to follow up and out to convert as much as possible. deletes, iReady, automate a training on this very extensive training on this. I will not be a lot of specific year about the follow-up, but I will give you the principles. but I can give you access, inside my system, to this training.

Okay. Okay. But before you getting started, you need to have this first, you have to choose your lead capture page that you want to use leads that are more appropriated for the traffic source that you will use, with the communication that you want to use with, with your, with your campaign. Okay. Very, very important.

You have to test, your lead capture page. You put an email, see if this email go to your auto responder, see if you receive the email, if everything is done correctly, because sometimes people in a hurry, they wants to average. And then they spend money on traffic. They don’t test things and sometimes things are not working correctly and they just throw money away.

So don’t make this mistake and first test everything. Okay. Then very, very important is that you have to split test

your lead capture pages. There is software to do that. we call it a rotator. What is a rotator is really simple. I will show you is our rotate is a piece of software that you put there, the links that you want to rotate. And then it gives a visit to the first one. Then the next one, go to the second link.

The third one, go to the third link. And if you have three links, the fourth visit goes to the first one and so on. So it rotates it rotates, it counts the eats, the visits. And if the rotate is good, it will count the leads. And you can see what is the lead capture page that converts better? Never. Do a campaign only with one lead capture pages, unless you already test this traffic source you where the found your lead capture page, that converts better.

And then the second time that you buy more traffic in this traffic source, you use your, your competitor, lead capture page. Okay. But never, never, never use only one because 1, 2, 3, 4%. Conversion difference between them at the end, it can give you more 10, 100 leads sometimes more. So it’s really important that you don’t don’t, look for the patient.

You see, well, this one, it will be the better, never decide for yourself. Let the marketplace decide for you and you will get a lot, a lot, a lot of certified. Usually as more simple, as more ugly, the lead capture page is normally, usually it converts better. It’s like this it’s my experience. So always, always split test your lead capture pages.

I will tell you how and always, always track all your leads. What is a track attract? Is that you. They have something in your lead capture page that tells you when you go to your autoresponder and check all the leads that you have there, what was the. The traffic source that generate these leads is this is really, really important.

So we call it distracting. Okay. So how can we do this? I will explain this within my, see inside of my system. You can use anything in the world to do that, but I will show you, in the practice hour, I do it in a way that you can really understand much better. Okay. And, at the end, a lot of people, a lot of people here use my use my system.

So I will explain, with my, with my system. Okay. So let me, let me log in. So my system call it MSI masters masters. It means multiple streams of income. The masters have multiple streams of income. Dave, I hope that you see my screen. I think so. So first of all, when you’re resisting my, in my system, what you should do is to go here by the way, my system is free to use.

You go to 3, 2, 1 ignition, and you start to doing the step is really, really easy. You just need to go to this, these steps. And if you have any questions regarding, and you are stuck in one of the. It’s really easy. You go here and, to the, to the shot support and ask for, for support, we have daily calls Monday to Friday at, in English and in Portuguese.

At eight 30 past eight, 30 PM. London time. So you can go there and we have our Facebook group, our telegram group that you can make all the questions you want. If you are stuck, then of course you have your sponsor too. If you are stuck in one of the, of these points. So what you have to do is to go to this points to everything.

And then you have everything set up. So then you go to promote and you start to promote, okay, sorry. This is in Portuguese. My system is in three languages. Most of the systems that are in the marketplace is only in English. So here you can, really do a great job of, having a, a multi language market place with these.

Okay. So. To know, what are the lead capture pages that you want to use? You go to funnels. I can use in the promote section. Okay. This is a new thing. We redone the, this routine to show you all the pages that you can have. There is a lot of funnels, a lot of pages, but you come here and you apply the filters.

Okay. So I will put here the English because we have a different language. For the lead capture pages. Okay. you, you wait for the reload of the page and then you want, the, you want the lead capture pages only, and you have lead capture pages to promote directly one offer, or you have lead capture pages to promote first, the MSI.

People go inside of MSI. And then when they do the steps, we have several income streams a year and they resist it. I prefer to promote always in front, for January cleats, MSI. Okay. it’s my choice, but you can do both ways, but let’s put here on the income source that we want to see MSI. Okay. So.

These are all the pages that we can use for MSI to promote MSI. So for instance, this one, it’s like a sales page, but, they can resist it for free year. it’s a complete registration. They will become member if they do it or they come here and they have more simple lead capture page. Okay. For instance, this one.

Or for instance, this one you have a lot to choose from, for instance, this one. Okay. And, and if you see they have here the conversion, of course, if you have visits here, you have the conversion. For, for the lead capture pages. Okay. So you have here the list of lead capture pages that you can use now, as I told you, you need to rotate this pages.

Okay. Usually, the, the, you go to a year more tools and link rotator. Okay. Usually, if you buy traffic in the traffic vendors, that I will explain you normally they have a kind of rotator. I don’t like their rotators because, I built one. So this is completely free for. To use and this rotator, can, really do things that usually the other rotators cannot do.

Okay. So you come here, it’s really simple. You can read these instructions. You come here, you say ed rotated, this is free for you to use. Okay. Imagine that I will, by trafficking the traffic for me, vendor. Okay. So campaign traffic for me. pain day pain. And, and for instance, it’s the third time that I buy traffic there.

So I put here three, for instance, it’s it doesn’t matter. It’s only something that you can know exactly. what are the complainant? And now there is something that is completely different from most of the rotations. Ear. If you don’t put nothing, you don’t do nothing about it, but if you put your maximum it’s, he will rotate until he found,

a lead capture page that wins. Okay. So imagine that you buy, for instance, a 1000 clicks, what is the. They click someone that clicks in your patient it’s unique clicks. So the traffic vendor will drive traffic to your landing pages and give you 1000 clicks. Okay. So minimum minimum to what you have to test is 10%.

So, but I will put more, I will put 200 clicks. It means that after, these traffic vendor send me to 200 plus. I will know what is the page that converts better? What is the page that, generate more leads? And when we get the eat or the visits 201, he don’t rotate anymore and they always drive the traffic for the page that wings the, for the lead capture page that generate more leads.

Automatically you have, you don’t need to do nothing. Okay. So, but for instance, if you want on only by 100 clicks, so making a split test, first you don’t put so many pages because when you put maximum two pages. Okay. And, there is not so make sense. So for instance, there’s only 10 clicks to see what is the lead capture pages page that, generate more leads.

Okay. So usually these don’t make sense if you buy a few clicks. So, for instance, for 1000, You can easily make, a test with 200 clicks. Okay. So here we have, we have the, the, the, the rotated creative, and now I will insert the lead capture pages that I saw, in the, in the list. Okay. So I come here, I put at the link, imagine that I put this one.

Okay. I will get the, I will get the page copious. Copied and put it there. Okay. So a very, very important thing is that you should add to your link. And if you come here, you see your parameters. And if you click here, you will see the parents that you can use, in the URL. Okay. So as equals something, is the tracker now.

And that you can have, okay. There is here the instruction. So what I will do here is for instance, if I go to, if I buy traffic for me, okay. Imagine I put here, it’s the third time that, I third company that I put here. So I put something unique that I know when I look at for it, that I know where it is and you never, ever puts a link outside of.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in a free post, if it’s in, in, in, in a traffic source, doesn’t matter, you always always use track in a way that you can know exactly where this visitor visit came from. Imagined for instance, that I put this link in a post. Okay. A Facebook post I put here, FB B. And then, I tell, what kind of post this, for instance, master class four.

So I know that if someone clicking this link, this live coming from a post that I make in my, in my Facebook page. Okay. But in this case I will put, for instance, traffic for me three. Okay. Submit. Okay. We have an link. Let’s put two more. So I put here, for instance, for another six, the same rotator traffic for me three.

Okay. And I put another one.

Let’s put, for instance, this one. Traffic for me three. Okay. So now I have three, I have three links. So what we have to do, I go back to the rotator and what I should do first is to test if the rotate is working well. Okay. So I came here. I could be this link because this is the link that I will. On the, when I bought, when I will buy the traffic, I will explain you.

So for instance, if I go here, he rotates and it shows the first one. Okay. And then I rotate again, show another different one, as you can see. And if you go here to the rotator. Okay. We have to eat. You see, and this one is zero. The next time it goes to this one. And if I wrote that again, it goes to these two, the first one and so on.

So it’s it rotates. Okay. And it will count deletes when people feel in, in the. They will come to the Leitz ear. Okay. And it will count 100% accurate if you are using, leads, lead pages from, from my, from MSI system. Okay. If you don’t choose from MSI system, you can use the rotator, but you have another way, with a pixel to count the leads.

You have to put this pixel in your thank you page. everything is explained here doesn’t matter. Okay. So you test everything. Now what you have to do before you start using it. You just clear the counters because this is was tests. So you want to use everything without any, anything in the counsels. You see clear everything is zero.

So now that you have your pages that you want to rotate, now that you have the link, what you should do next, you want to buy traffic. Okay. And now I will explain you. How can you, can you really buy, traffic in a very, very simple way that takes you five minutes and anyone can do it. And that’s what I promise in the first place.

When I, when I make the, the, the, the introduction of this masterclass. Okay. So, You can register for free on MSI and you can go here to promote and you can see our secret traffic sources, our best traffic sources, and you can use it. Them doesn’t matter. No problem. You can use it even if you don’t use a MSI.

Okay. So what you should do it. And man, there’s so many vendors on the internet and it’s so hard. To find the best ones that don’t give us garbage don’t don’t don’t give us not really well qualified leads. This is really, it’s a process. So every single list of people like me and a lava, another leaders that I have inside of MSI that we test continuously, these traffic vendors.

And if the traffic vendors don’t convert well, we take it away and you always, always update this. And we always keep up to date, the best traffic sources on the internet for the traffic, Venice, you have a lot of ways a year to generate traffic free traffic. We have a lot of, masterclass here teaching, teaching you out to generate this for free, but you go to year two, the paid traffic go here to the traffic vendors.

And you have a few ones. And what you have to do is just simple tests, these traffic sources. Okay. So for instance, you go here to traffic authority. You just, resistor is really easy to resistor. Okay. Even if you are using MSI, usually this traffic sources F affiliate a few late, an affiliate system.

So you can get the affiliate and put your affiliate link inside of MSI and your, when your first lines by traffic, you will get. you will get the commission. Okay. So this will be really cool because we’ve used you, can we, this commissions is another income stream that you can use for instance, to buy more traffic, for instance.

Okay. So it’s really simple. I will show here on the traffic authority. You come here, you just go to you, just go here to chop. Okay.

Okay. You choose your package. And of course you have to invest. This is a business. And sometimes people that have not really the, the intrepreneurial mindset, they have the employee mindset when he says, oh, I have to, I have to invest all the, well, I don’t have money to invest in so-and-so. This is a business.

You have to treat like a business. And your main goal is to build your list. Remember that? Okay, so this investment, you will do it. And then when you have good offers that converts, well, they will, these offers will give you money on the way you recover this money and you can reinvest and so on. So it’s a really simple way of buying traffic.

So you come here for instance, you buy a gold package, you put here your visa cards, and then he has. I asked him, he asked you, what is the link? What you have to do is to put you, you put your yard, your rotator link. Okay. Very, very part. You don’t put your lead capture page. You go to your, rotator.

Okay. And you put this link here, you copy the link and you put this link. Okay. And you put there and that’s it. Okay. So simple. You come here, choose the package, put the, your credit cards and they show you a fields to put your link and that’s it. You don’t need to do nothing else. They will drive the traffic.

They do all the hard work and you just wait for the leads. It’s so, so, so simple. It takes you five minutes, literally, as I told you, and, anyone, anyone, anyone can do it. Okay. So for instance, I will show you your ear. For instance, they have a rotate a year. You have to have the traffic optimizer. It costs you 20 bucks a month.

So. We might traffic rotator. One of the advantage that you don’t need to buy this 20 bucks a month, you just buy the package and that’s it. Okay. For instance, I bought, about $1,000 of Bleaks. it was, 900 clicks. It was one third already. Or at the, put it in the beginning. I don’t have the rotator.

I built this rotator, one week ago or something. It wa it was finished today, today. So I used their rotator. That’s why I have here, the, this four links. Okay. It gives the traffic everything. And I will show you, for instance, another traffic source, for instance, you can ear in the promote area, pay traffic, traffic vendors.

And for instance, you have to, you have to test all of them. Okay. So for instance, I come here, traffic source traffic for me. Okay. Login. So I’m not teaching nothing that I’m not doing it myself. Okay. So, there is not your ear. This stuff works and it works really, really, really well. Okay. So let me, let me show you here.

For instance, I have here, a campaign was 30 days.

For instance, this traffic for me, for them the same price, it gives you more, more than double of the clicks. Okay. I generate much more leads in this one then, then in the other one. Okay. So for instance, ear, it’s only missing three clicks to finish this campaign. I started a few days ago at the 14. now okay.

So, two weeks. Okay. Two weeks later, we’ll deliver all the gleeks. Usually they take a few days to start. Okay. And then, they generate lead solid show you here on a river. I came here to my account of a river. Okay. Personally, subscriber. Okay, how can I know, how can I know, we are building, another, type of reports inside of MSI.

So we will, you will have all the reports that you need. You don’t need any other tools to track everything, but one easy way is to go here, choose air tracking contains, and you put here the tracker, traffic for me. Okay. And it will show all the traffic, all the leads generate my traffic for me. Okay. So for under 400, in two weeks, adulating only in this traffic vendor 400, for under the, for under the leads.

Okay. For instance, in the other one, traffic authority. Okay. I generate is not finished yet. It’s one third, but you see much, much, much, less, much, much less leads. Okay. So that’s why it’s really important that you, that you test several pages and several traffic sources. And when you get one really good, what you have to do is to read.

These traffic sources several times, but what to do is to have several type of traffic vendors and that’s it it’s super, super, super easy of course, that you can generate leads through Facebook. A lot of people, for instance, Say that it’s almost impossible to generate this through Facebook to business opportunities.

well, I have a masterclass to tell you when to teach you how to generate. Through, Facebook without being shut down. Okay. So for instance, here, high F some, some of them, these generate 60 leads, 46 leads. And, you see, I, I posted this yesterday because I want to do another, I don’t have time, but I want to do another.

another half. Okay. To test it. So, inside of MSI, you have everything. You need to know how to generate leads through Facebook. And I have a complete course through YouTube ads, but this is more complex to do it for a new business, a little bit more difficulty. Okay. But we, this traffic vendors it’s so, so, so easy.

And, I will show you how this works when it says one of the, one of the offers that we have inside of,

MSI. It’s one of them, I have others. Okay. I have traffic sources that you don’t need to recruit and that you can add. But for instance, in a few months, if, as I told you, you can be one offer away to do something really, really, really incur. Incredible. Okay. So I will show you for instance here. I have, industries, three, smart shines, but I will show you this.

I have two. And in a few months, I generate. $3 million. You heard? Well, $3 million. Okay. But sometimes you have to, to, to promote several offers in a way that you can really find one really, really. one of the advantage that you are inside of MSIs, that we are testing offers. And then when we find best ones we will share with you all.

Okay. And we have a really, really great. in a few days, we will launch another very, very, very, very powerful income stream inside of MSI. So what we have to do is to test several ones. And if you get one that is really powerful, can really change your life. Okay. So here. 453 if he didn’t right now is about $3,000.

Imagine when this team is $10,000. Okay. So, I keep a lot of these themes, because I want to. spend them when, they are much higher. I think that’s it. You can go easily for 10 K 20 K a year. You have $1.3 million, on this price price range. Okay. So as I told you, I have another account here is okay.

So as you can see, I’m not seeing other people, other people, Other people’s, accounts. I’m seeing my own account. Okay. So now I’m going to log out, log on again. So 1.3 and in this one,

it is one, I have 1.9. Okay. So. It’s more than $3 million. That’s my accounts. And, we, this money, I, I buy a car in cash. I buy, I pay my market of my house. I have a lot of teams that I keep to myself, waiting for the team gets higher and higher and higher. So. I don’t know what you do with $3 million. Even I have people inside of MSI that are more money than me.

I have followers or friends that make $5 million only with this offer. Okay. And we will explode like how we, this, the next offer that we have inside of MSI. So pay attention in the next day. So we will choose the best one. for you and you see what I’m doing is only generate leads and communicate with my list.

That’s it? It works. You’ll see the proof. Okay. So now I will, continue, my presentation. Okay. We are almost finished show. Very very important thing. At the end of the campaign, you always, always, always take notes of your results in a spreadsheet in a way that, you know, what are the best traffic sources, what are the best traffic vendors, as I told you in the way that you can go back and compare again and again and again again.

So it’s very important that you resisted your results. Okay. So now, we are almost finished, but I will explain it. Our really wants how you increase your conversions using the follow-up. So what you have to do is to send emails. Usually I send from Monday to Friday, if you want, you can send every seven days a week or you can send they, yes.

They know.

It’s up to you. What I recommend is that you be consistent. Okay. So what you send to there, to there, to your list, you send it in a way that you, the list can start to know you and start to stress you. It’s this very, very important. If for instance, if you use MSI, I will help you on this. for instance, this master.

then, they are prepared then that you can send to your list after we have the recordings and all these kinds of things. So I make these calls. I made these masterclasses. I make a lot of content that you can use, to, for your leads, gain trust, or the system on you. But if you create your own content, it’s much better because.

The idea is that people connect with you. Okay. But if you are inside of MSI, they are connected with the community and we will help you on this. Okay. So make videos and send your leads to that content on your social media so they can see, that, other countries. And, to know you better. And for instance, if you have the leads in your list, send your leads to your one video in your YouTube channel one day and then send the leads to your Facebook page like I’m doing right now.

So in a way that they can spread it all over your social media, because for instance, if they see a video of you, in your YouTube channel, what they will do. Is that they will go to see other videos and start to investigate you and start to know you better and start to, stressed in what you are offering.

Okay. Remember people buy from people, not from companies. Okay. Very, very important. So trust is equal to sales. That’s why usually. leads don’t buy immediately from you or from the offers that you are presenting because they don’t, they don’t know the offer. They don’t know you. Okay. So that’s why it’s really, really important that you communicate consistently with your list and people buy from those they know like, and trust.

This is really, really important. Okay. So, and people buy. When, when they can do it, because it’s simple when they believe that they can do it, it’s simple. Well, in this master class, I teach you how to generate leads. It’s really, really, really simple, as you can see. And I have other trainings to explain other ways, but this is the most.

Simple way last work, lazy way to generate tons and tons of it’s as much as you want. So January pleads greeting your list is not a problem at all. You don’t need any technical skills to do it. Okay. So people buy from you when they feel that it’s simple to do what you are telling to do. Okay. If it going to bring them the results that they want.

Okay. So another way to communicate with your list is other people’s success stories. If you, in the beginning, you don’t have success. What you should do is to share with others, people that have success with the offers that you are promoting it. Okay. Really, really part that’s. Why, when you have. Results.

It’s very important that you share with your community in, in this case, for instance, inside of MSI, in our Facebook group, in our telegram group, that you share your, your results, man, imagine that you put this in place that you, by trafficking. Tomorrow, January 10 leads may make a print screen and share with all the community that beside you don’t know nothing about it beside you are a newbie.

You generate 10 leads. This is really powerful, really incredible. it doesn’t matter. Well, I show you $3 million off offer results, but sometimes these scare people, $3 million scares a lot of people in. but a screenshot with the 10 leads generated and tell you that you are not know nothing about it.

A few days ago, this is much, much, much powerful. Okay. So a screenshot with results is worth more than thousand videos are 1 million motivational quotes that you can put in your, in your Facebook page or something like that. Okay. If you don’t have results, once again, others use mine, use your upline’s results.

Okay. So another really important thing is that you promote multiple offers to your list too, in a way that you monetize much better yet. Sometimes I see people that promotes only one offer months and months and months, years, sometimes the same offer to their list and men, if they don’t after one week, one month, three months, if they don’t go to, to this offer it’s because they feel that this offer don’t solve their problems or they don’t trust this.

But for instance, if you put another offer and if you promote another offer and a certain percentage of these people that you are in your list, that don’t resist in the first one, they will resist in the next one, you know, because, there things change, they see that this offer is better, that this offers solver better, their, their, their problems and so on, you know, so one of the magic is that you promote.

more than one offer to your, to your, to your list. Okay. So you can do it yourself. You build your, you build your offers, you build your friend. Everything are, you can use a system like mine and your learning curve will be shorter because all the technical stuff is made. As you can see, we have offers, we have finals, we have everything.

What you have to do is to go inside of MSI, resisting them aside. So if you are new here, you just talk with the person that gives you this. This masterclass is recording and, ask them for the. of MSI or nearby this video will be the link to resist in MSI if you are not okay. And then you resisted and what you have to do is to go to 3, 2, 1 ignition.

Once again, I will show you here. Okay. Three come here, three 20 ignition. You just do the steps. They are very, very, very easy to do. Anyone can do it. If you are stuck in one step. As I told in the beginning, we have all these layers of support. There is no reason way that you can start be stuck in one of these steps.

You do the steps you start promoting and you start adding money. Okay. So, the pharma is really simple. Set everything set up everything inside of a MSI masters start generate leads, communicate with your list. Okay. That’s it. That’s it it’s so, so, so simple when we use this, I hope that 20 years ago when I started or more, I started in multi-level marketing in the first place, inviting friends.

neighbors and things like that in the beginning, more than 30 years ago. I’m a little bit old as you gets. And, it was, it was a nightmare in the beginning. And a lot of people think that, promoting affiliate offers, they need to speak with their friends and chasing the neighbors and things like that.

No, you, of course you can, if you believe in an offer, you can talk about it with your neighbors or, or things like that, but you don’t need it. You just generate. You send emails to your list. Even we have, an email sequence with a one month or something with a written emails. Prewritten everything so easy to use that you can use.

And then you learn how to do this. It’s really, really, really simple. And as you can see, there’s a lot of results are not the only one having results, but there’s a lot of gurus on the internet. That promote something and then look to have a structure in place to help their team. Well, I have, okay. We have inside of MSI, the people that show that is invite you to, to know MSI everything set up in a way that you have exactly the same tools as I have.

You see, I see the rotator. I don’t like the rotator. What I do. I made the rotated for myself. I put it in a way that anyone inside of MSI can use it. Okay. So then it’s really, really easy in a way that you can start and reigning contacts you see, here he is contacts. All of this is way wherever, wherever notification you see, it’s thousands and thousands and thousands of them.

Okay. Thousands thousands of notifications. And for instance, here is the research of new members. For instance, I can be here and you see. This is always notifications of new members, thousands and thousands of them. You see? So this stuff never ends. This stuff really, really, really, really works. You just have to put it to work and the results will come.

Okay. So really, really. To be here. And, I hope that this masterclass really helps you. And, well wait for the next day, the next announces it will be really, really cool pay attention on this own. Okay. I hope that I help you and see you in the next masterclass or see you inside of MSI. Bye-bye.

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