One of the best things when you solve your own problems is helping others.

There are people that have a lot of financial problems and they want to save the world, first you have to help yourself and then when you get success you give back.

That’s my Philosophy.

The pleasure to contribute and help others is something that fill my heart with joy and it’s a very powerful sentiment of accomplishment difficult to describe.

I want to show you a video from one of the missions I and my team made to Guiné Bissau where we bought from our own pocket second hand cars, vans and ambulances we fill them with clothes , medicines, toys and we drive 5000 kms from Portugal to Guiné and we give it all to Humanitarian institutions and ONG.

It was an Experience of a Life time.

See the video and if this can inspire you to achieve success first and then give back, this post achieve it’s propose

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